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Video – FOX Morning News Appearance

If you missed it, here’s a video excerpt from our live segment on FOX Morning News, regarding FasciaDerm’s invention and unique characteristics. The feature also profiled other entrepreneurs who have worked with the Houston Inventors Association to bring products to market.


  1. Susan Whelihan

    I saw this product on the news when he was explaining the pains that he had in the past and why he had developed this… it was just exactly what I was feeling. I was a little skeptical and only bought 6 of them, but when I tried it it was amazing how I could get up in the morning and was actually able to step down on my foot without that shooting pain in my heel. I have been on a Day Trip where I was mostly on my feet by the end of the day was able to walk instead of limping on one foot. Obviously ordered more so if anyone has this problem, this is something that really helps. I have always been a person who read reviews and I hope this helps.

    Susan in Montgomery with Happy Feet…..

  2. Susan, thanks for sharing your story of how FasciaDerm made a difference! We appreciate your review and recommendation very much. We’ve heard from others like you who are traveling or touring, and they’ve stated that FasciaDerm is the one thing that enabled them to feel fast heel pain relief and remain mobile. Stay healthy!

    We also want to point out that the Refill/Trial pack (6 applications) is a great way to extend your treatment, but we highly recommend that new users start with the Recovery Pack (12 applications) to give the foot vital support over a period of time more conducive to recovery.

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