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Read What Customers Say About FasciaDerm…

Stories of Fast Heel Pain Relief After Severe Plantar Fasciitis

Used With Great Success

Houston Texans use FasciaDerm

“I really like it, I have used it on 2 players and 2 staff members with great success, we just placed another order for more through

– Geoff Kaplan ATC, LAT, PT, SCS, CSCS, Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Texans

It Works

Milwaukee Brewers and FasciaDerm

“This is such a simple strapping that looks like it would not do much of anything, BUT after a few days of wearing the FasciaDerm product our three candidates were doing well. I see this as a viable solution to a what could be a long term problem and tough chronic condition to get rid of, but it works.”

– Tommy Craig, Athletic Trainer, Brevard County Manatees, affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers

I Tried Everything…Nothing Worked

“I had plantar fasciitis in both feet for months (close to a year). I tried everything. Special shoes, night splints, exercises, injections. Nothing worked. Searching the internet in desperation for any new treatments, I ran across FasciaDerm on Amazon. I thought it was probably just another gimmick but I was willing to try because the pain I was having was preventing me from enjoying anything but sitting, and my grandson’s wedding was coming up and I was dreading being on my feet for very long. Well, amazingly, they felt good when I first put them on and after the first week I was almost pain free. I continued to wear them everyday for two more weeks. I slept with them on and only took them off to shower. I stopped doing all exercises the doctor had me doing and just let my fascia try to heal as the FasciaDerm site recommended. I did my normal activities, including going to my grandson’s wedding without pain. Fascia Derm really does work!!! I think the key is to leave them on at all times during the healing process and continue to wear them for a while after the pain in gone to let them finish healing. They are so thin, not bulky, and fit in all shoes. I absolutely LOVE them.

“Thanks for making something that really does work!”

– Rita H., Baytown, TX

Only Thing That Keeps Me on My Feet

“I am a reliability consultant for the oil and gas industry and when I travel I am walking down and inspecting refinery equipment. That is a lot of walking, plus ladder and metal decking climbing. After the plantar fasciitis pain started in October of last year, your system has been the only thing that keeps me on my feet. I am getting ready to travel next week and was low on the strips so there was a bit of panic to my calls. I did purchase a two-pack from Amazon and will return to your website today. I am not going to get that low again!

“I have been using your system since about January (I think). Is it unusual to go 5 or 6 months and still require them for distance walking? The great thing is that prior to this, I could barely walk across the room. A trip to a refinery would end with me almost bedridden until my foot recovered. Now, I can do what I need, and even walk the dog a mile or two. So the difference has been dramatic but I want to make certain I am not pushing too hard and preventing true healing.

“Finally, my wife and I also own our own company ( and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. It is not something we see very often as customers of others, but I definitely see and appreciate it in you and your company.”

– Lawrence B., Tucson, AZ

Will Not Travel Without FasciaDerm

“I never really understood plantar fasciitis until my wife developed the symptoms and was diagnosed to be suffering from it. She is an avid hiker and normally walks between three and five miles a day. When we go on vacation, she and I enjoy hiking together. When she developed the symptoms last year, she was in a lot of pain and became depressed by not being able to do the things that she normally enjoyed including hiking and walking.

“I was aware of the FasciaDerm product through a close friend. I mentioned the product to my wife and she was doubtful that something so simple could provide relief. I ordered the product to see if it would work and gave it to my wife to try. In order to appease me, she tried it. The product was amazing! It really worked. We are planning to travel to Italy to do some hiking in Cinque Terre. She just informed me that she will not travel there without FasciaDerm. She does not want to have the pain return and not be able to do anything about it.

“Thanks for making a product that really works!”

– John N., Arvada, CO

5.0 out of 5 Stars

This is an excellent product. The adhesive works very well and the product is easy to apply. For someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis this product is a great solution to help you heal. I would highly recommend it.”

– Jon Dudley, Gurnee, IL

Back to Normal Activities

“I had been suffering plantar fasciitis for almost a month when I found this product. My heel pain had mostly gone but my arches were very tender. I felt lots of relief the first day. By the third day, I was able to resume my normal activities as long as I stopped and rested every couple of hours. Before this product I was able to only do about 1/3 of my work each day.”

– Dianne S., New Plymouth, ID

Pain-Free by the End of Day 3

“This is a GREAT product!!! Product was received without delay. By the end of day two I walking with very slight pain. I was pain-free by the end of day three. I started running again on day 10. I probably could have started running sooner, but I chose to let the healing process continue before I put the foot under stress conditions.”

– Steve M., Houston, TX

After FasciaDerm, No More Fasciitis Ever!

“I had fasciitis problems at various times over several years due to my running routine and extremely high arches. At times the pain was so severe that even walking was a problem. I tried multiple solutions and products but they only offered temporary relief at best. The fasciitis always came back within a short time. I found this product a few years ago and used it. Relief started withing 48 hours and I was completely healed in under 2 weeks. I have continued running and my fasciitis has NEVER come back. This product is fantastic and really works. No boot, no thick supports to stick in your shoes, you don’t even notice when you are wearing it. I’m buying this for my son, who inherited my high arches and is just now experiencing the 1st signs of fasciitis. I know this will put an end to it. ”

– Ashlyn

Afraid to Go On Vacation…

“It’s been a month and I just got back from vacation. A vacation that I was afraid to go on because of the pain in my foot. I was afraid to walk on the beach, guess what? I did it. I don’t believe that words can express how I feel. You and your product have given me comfort and the ability to feel like my old self again. I have other health issues like arthritis, but that agonizing pain that I once had is pretty much gone.

“I am grateful for seeing your product on line and wish you continued success.”

– Dianna

FasciaDerm Heel Pain Treatment

“My Plantar Fasciitis appears with no warning – In the past it has been visits to the Podiatrist, steroid shots, and wearing 2 pair of of socks and sneakers to the office for a few months before the pain subsides. I heard about this product from a friend and decided to give it a try. In just 2 days my heel pain was greatly diminished and completely gone after approximately 1 week. The instructions were easy to follow and the straps were thin and flesh colored which worked great under stockings for work. Awesome design and worked fabulously. No More Foot Pain !!”

– Michel

FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief from Day One

“Today has been my first full day wearing the Fasciaderm strips, and I must say this is the most simple and effective treatment I have ever received for my plantar fasciitis problem. I have dealt with plantar fasciitis in both of my feet for over 5 years now and today is the most relief I have felt in those 5 years!”

– Atrev100

FasciaDerm Works

“Used product to arrest progression of plantar fasciitis as soon as I started getting heel pain. Went away in 2 days. Easy to apply. Stays firmly in place all day, even after feet get sweaty.”

– N8


“I have had foot pain for over 7 years, now I no longer experience foot pain because of FasciaDerm. I’m now free again to do all the things I love to do pain free! Thanks guys!”

– Cliff Pape

FasciaDerm Worked Exactly as Expected!

“I started using this product after 5 days of debilitating pain from plantar fasciitis. By the second or third day of use, 80% of my pain was gone. My doctor had suggested it would take 2 weeks with the traditional treatment using anti-inflammatory medication. What a huge success this was in comparison! It has been two pain-free weeks now since I finished the 6-day FasciaDerm treatment cycle and the results are lasting. I wish all medicine was this simple, non-invasive, and effective.”

– Higuera

Plantar Fasciitis pain relief or your money back

“The pain was to the point that I no longer walked unless absolutely necessary. I sent my husband to the store for me and could no longer play with my grandkids the way I used to. I was miserable with every step. The pain made it feel as if my arch close to the ball of my foot was on fire.

I had suffered with this condition for right at about a year when my son brought me this product to try. I was skeptical because it was so simple. My next step with a Dr. was a hard cast so I figured I’d try it. The first day or two I noticed little change. After the third day my foot started feeling much better. After the fourth I started resuming activities I had previously stopped. After the fifth day I had virtually no pain. The morning after the sixth day I had no noticeable pain and have not since. I have cancelled future Dr.’s appointments for this problem. A great product easy to use and best of all it works!!!!!!! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to walk without pain after all this time.”

– Texas Woman, Age 55

“I went on a business trip a few months back and did a lot of walking in poor shoes. I woke up one morning and was hopping around due to my left heel feeling as though it was being stuck with an ice pick. After walking around on it for a few minutes the pan was tolerable but very prominent. I attempted to rest that foot and reduce activity with no improvement or relief for a week or two. I did not obtain any results. I took ant- inflammatory over the counter drugs for a week or two but no improvement.

I realized, after research, I most likely had plantar fasciitis and knew of the work on the FasciaDerm Foot Supports. I contacted the inventor and received a sample of the Fasciderm product to try it. After three (3) days the morning and day pain went away! The product made a profound improvement in stopping the pain. The constant reminder of heel pain is gone! I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they are suffering from the same problem. Thank You Fasciderm!

You have my permission to use my name and I am a male 54 years old. I will be happy to tell my success story to anyone who is interested.”

– Professional, Age 54

“I’m in love with this product. I have been experiencing pain for 6 months consistently until I started using Fasciderm foot supports. I love wearing this as a preventative method during my training. I’m a fitness trainer at the Houstonian Club and do a ton of extreme plyotraining, which adds to the wear and tear of my feet. Now that I started using this product, I don’t experience any pain or irritation at the bottom of my heel. I will highly recommend this product to my clients that are constantly complaining about Plantar fasciitis.”

– Female Fitness Trainer, Age 40

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