There's just no comparison — A look at current heel pain treatment options

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Key  Recovery  Factors

Immediate Support to Plantar Fascia during active hours Yes   Yes     Yes
Support to all phases of the Gait Cycle (including propulsion) Yes         Yes
Support to the Plantar Fascia for
all load-bearing hours of the day
    Yes     Yes
Hours of durable support
(without loss of effectiveness)
    Yes     Yes
Easy to self-apply / re-apply for multiple days   Yes Yes     Yes
FAST Pain Relief (0-4 days) expected       Yes   Yes
Total Cost of Treatment $ $ - $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Good Preventative Measure or
Part of Long-Term Care
  Yes Yes     Yes
Convenient/Comfortable to Use No No No No Yes
   LEGEND Yes, supportedDefinitely Yes No, not supported Definitely No $ < $50 $ $ = $50-$150 $ $ $ = $150-500 $ $ $ $ = $500 + Add to Cart

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