STATEMENTS ON THIS WEBSITE REFER ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL FasciaDerm® Heel Pain Relief System (in the orange package) which is no longer sold. For information regarding FasciaDerm PFTAPE® contact Mueller Sports Medicine or visit PFTAPE® is a trademark of Mueller Sports Medicine. FasciaDerm® is a trademark of Applied BioKinetics LLC.

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About Us

Developed by Applied BioKinetics LLC (ABK), the technology behind the FasciaDerm® Heel Pain Relief System was briefly introduced to the market in 2009, when it was successfully used in the treatment of professional athletes. This remarkable product was so effective in arresting severe plantar fasciitis symptoms and helping high-profile sports figures that it attracted a lot of attention for its ease of use and immediate results.

Since its release to the general market in 2011, now under the brand name FasciaDerm, we’ve had the the great privilege of seeing not only athletes, but people from all walks of life find fast heel pain relief with this product. With FasciaDerm, customers have cut the time to recovery from sharp heel pain from months (or years) to days or weeks! We believe that in addition to the low cost of treatment, the speed with which our customers can return to normal activity is the real source of FasciaDerm’s value.

The FasciaDerm product family has been developed with one thing in mind – delivering the best plantar fasciitis treatment available. If you have questions about our products, or if you would like to share your experience with FasciaDerm, please call, email us or leave us a comment.
Watch for other innovative products to come.

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