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How to Use the FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System

Have you been experiencing heel pain or arch pain? Or perhaps you only feel heel pain in morning? Do you experience intermittent pain in arch of foot? If this is true for you, then you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis.

For plantar fasciitis relief, choose FasciaDerm. It can create conditions to enable plantar fasciitis recovery because it directly addresses the root cause of plantar fasciitis (damaging tensile stress in the fascia). FasciaDerm allows natural foot movement, as it protects the plantar fascia through all phases of the gait cycle, thus allowing the fascia to rest, and importantly to avoid re-injury during the recovery process. FasciaDerm is intended to be used during all load bearing hours of the day, and repeated daily in a consistent manner until lasting pain relief is achieved (often reported as 1-4 six day treatment cycles). No other treatment provides both the fast pain relief without the use of drugs, or delivers lasting benefits without compromising your mobility.

Important considerations: If you’re treating your plantar fasciitis for the first time with FasciaDerm, we recommend a purchase of the FasciaDerm Recovery Pack, which will provide 12 days of treatment to a single foot. Continue wearing the FasciaDerm system for a period of days after pain has subsided to allow the fascia to strengthen to reduce the likelihood of re-injury. If you have a severe case of plantar fasciitis or if your activity levels interfere with the healing process, it may be necessary to refill/renew your supply of FasciaDerm to allow uninterrupted treatment. Most users see an immediate improvement in a single treatment cycle, but time required to achieve lasting pain relief will vary based on factors such as overall health, activity level, severity of plantar fasciitis and degree of compliance with product use. In some cases lasting pain relief may not be achieved.

Step-by-step application instructions

Wash and dry foot thoroughly. Sit in a stable position to apply.

  1. Separate the two sides of FasciaDerm® at the perforations:
    • The wider piece with two tabs is the sole strip
    • The narrower, solid piece is the arch strip

    Step 1: Separate FasciaDerm Sole and Arch Strips

  2. With the solid paper backing facing you, bend the sole strip and remove the smaller paper backing. Apply the small adhesive section of the sole strip to the ball of your foot.
    Step 2: Apply Sole strip to ball of foot
  3. With the sole strip attached to the ball of your foot, remove the remaining paper backing while keeping your foot at a downward angle. Press the adhesive side against the bottom of your heel. Foot must be held at a neutral 90° angle or slightly downward during application. Degree of downward angle affects the level of tension and degree of support.
    Step 3: Hold foot at slight angle and apply strip.
  4. Cross the tabs around the back of your heel. Press the strip against the arch of your foot to ensure adhesion. If necessary, take a step and adjust the position of the support strip and/or tabs.
    Step 4: Cross tabs behind heel
  5. Remove the arch strap from paper backing and apply around the mid-section of your foot, near the middle of the arch. Apply by wrapping around your foot. (The ends may or may not overlap on top of your foot).
    Step 5: Apply arch strap around middle of foot.

Supplemental Instructions

  1. Apply FasciaDerm® daily in the morning to clean completely dry feet. Apply only to supple healthy skin, (Do not use on fragile, damaged or dry cracked skin). It is common that only one foot will require FasciaDerm®.
  2. Proper foot position during application is essential to product effectiveness. Hold foot at neutral 90 degrees during application as per the illustrations. If pain reduction is not pronounced after a few days of use, or if desired, support level may be increased by angling the foot downward during application.
  3. Reduce exercise intensity levels, and avoid high impact or high foot stress activities during foot pain recovery, or anytime while wearing FasciaDerm®. If moderate exercise during recovery is desired consult with your physician regarding what level of physical intensity is appropriate based on your individual risk factors. We recommend not to strain or stretch the plantar fascia during heel pain recovery.
  4. The pain may subside immediately after application, however most pain reduction typically occurs after a few days of use. Lack of pain does not indicate that recovery is complete. Continue to use FasciaDerm® for a minimum of 6 days after pain subsides to allow the fascia time to strengthen thus minimizing potential for re-injury.
  5. Consistent uninterrupted daily use is essential to foot pain recovery, and to avoid re-injury. Product may be worn up to 24 hours per application and should be worn during all load bearing hours (typically 14 – 24 hours per day).
  6. FasciaDerm® may feel slippery on some surfaces. Always wear socks or footwear over FasciaDerm®, to minimize chances for a slip or fall.
  7. Do not allow this product to get wet. If the product gets wet change it immediately. Glue may separate from the fabric during removal. Any glue residue left on the skin may be removed with warm water and a wash cloth.
  8. Apply a new support at least once daily, including anytime the product gets wet or becomes uncomfortable. Remove by pulling slowly and gently from a corner of the product.
  9. Typical users require 12 – 24 days of treatment. Repeat treatment until desired results are achieved. Consult your podiatrist or physician if pain persists. Always wear supportive footwear.



Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have diabetes, tendonitis, calf or Achilles problems, poor skin quality (dry, cracked, irritated, or fragile skin) cuts or open sores, or if you have a problem with your feet or legs (such as poor circulation), reduced bone density, difficulty healing from wounds, or lack the flexibility to apply and remove this product. ● Any physical activity creates a risk of stress fractures, pulled muscles and other injuries, FasciaDerm may increase these risks. Reduce exercise intensity levels during recovery and anytime while wearing this product, unless otherwise advised. Consult with a medical professional regarding: your personal risk factors, use of this product, and the level of activities appropriate for your condition. ● This product may cause skin irritation. Concerned users should cut, apply and monitor a dime sized test patch for 24 hours, prior to product use. ● Abrupt removal may cause skin damage. Remove only by pulling gently. ● Always wear socks or footwear over FasciaDerm, to minimize potential for a slip or fall. ● Check the website ( for any updated instructions or precautions. ● Do not allow this product to get wet, as adhesive will separate. Any remaining adhesive residue can be washed away with soap and warm water. ● Max use 24 hours per application. ● Not for Diabetic use. ● Monitor your condition while in use. Discontinue use immediately if any adverse medical conditions develop. ● Only use as directed.


Any opinions or claims expressed on this website are that solely of the Applied BioKinetics LLC and do not represent that of any licensee of Applied BioKinetics LLC patents or of the FasciaDerm brand name.

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